Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. It's been a great - and very different - experience, but I'll be ready to go back to a larger city afterwards. - Feb 2020

Not a chance. - Jun 2017

No. - May 2016

Yes if our youngest was older than 2 when we arrived and our oldest was younger than 10 when we departed. - Dec 2014

Maybe. I'm glad we went and I have a lot of great memories, but it was also really hard at times. So much depends on the other people who happen to be at post that it's hard to anticipate what it will be like. If you can make local friends you'll definitely enjoy it more. We miss a lot of friends, but I'm not anxious to go back anytime soon. - Jul 2014

Yes, absolutely. I really enjoyed our time there. If we didn't meet the right people there, though, i think we would've had a much worse time there. I know several singles who really didn't like it there at all, and a few families who weren't that pleased with it as well. Overall, though, I thought it was fantastic. I would say, "Paramaribo??? I call that Paramaribo-tastic." - a la Conan O' Brien. - Sep 2013

Yes, but I think two years is long enough. - Nov 2010

Yes - Feb 2010

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