Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Basketball and volleyball are local favorites. The sports clubs have tennis and/or swim teams. There are gymnastics and dancing classes that some families use. The feedback on the swim team though, was that the non-locals were an afterthought since they don't live here and will leave. - Jun 2017

Swimming and other lessons at the clubs. - May 2016

Lots of the sports programs for kids to run through these 2 gyms so I wish we would have signed up for them because we missed out on a lot by not joining one. Pick-up games are very rare. I spent a whole Saturday morning driving to 7 different soccer fields and found a single person jogging at one of them. Sunday and evenings is when people play, and it's usually organized because they are lighting it (gets dark at 6 usually) so it's tough to get involved in pick-up games like I have other places. No pick-up basketball outdoors (rains too much) so likewise only really attached to gyms and schools. - Dec 2014

I had a hard time finding any. I wanted to put my kids in swimming lessons, but I was never able to find any. - Jul 2014

Yes, soccer in school, volleyball, and some other stuff. - Sep 2013

There is soccer for boys and dance classes for girls. - Feb 2010

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