What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The Embassy has a very nice gym and pool. There are tons of local gyms that offer classes like CrossFit or yoga at very cheap rates. They'll usually teach in English if they know you don't speak Dutch. - Feb 2020

There are traditional gyms and CrossFit gyms. There are a few sports clubs which have tennis and swimming. The Embassy has a nice gym and pool. There is a golf course here as well. I've heard the sports clubs are expensive. We tried one gym and it was no more expensive than the US. The Embassy facilities are free - and new. - Jun 2017

There are gyms and pool/tennis clubs. - May 2016

2 main ones, The Dolphin and Oase. I think you need a referral and they might be around US$50-75/month. I may be way off on that estimate. - Dec 2014

There are a couple different facilities with gyms and pools, but they weren't cheap so we didn't do it. Many others did and while not the same as American gyms, they still seemed nice. - Jul 2014

Yes. One place called the Torarrica has a very nice club and i think it's about US$75 per month for membership for 2. Also the Golf club and several other places. - Sep 2013

Yes. - Nov 2010

The embassy has a nice gym and there are several gyms and clubs in the city that you can join to gain access to their pools and gyms. - Feb 2010

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