What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Dolphin spotting on the river. Monkey spotting at Peperpot Plantation. Sunday morning markets around town. Going out to eat. - Feb 2020

Dolphin watches, volunteering at the sloth rescue. - Jun 2017

Trips out of town to nature parks (Peperpot across the river and Berg en Dal in the south), there is also an "eco resort" in the interior. Trips to the ABC islands are fairly easy and well worth it. There is an excellent Thai restaurant. - May 2016

Someone I met said it best once when he told me he brought his kids to the area for an adventure, not a vacation. If you have this perspective you can have a lot of adventures such as turtle viewing on the coast, ziplining in the jungle, black water creeks (I wish I'd found out about Kola Creek sooner because we would have gone once a month with the kids) there is also a fun water park and bike riding area for kids under about 10 in the middle of town that is a really nice place to relax. Most of the playgrounds are metal and rusting and falling apart so they are hot and varying degrees of dangerous depending on your kids ages. If you can get up the river, there are nice resorts to visit. Think of backpacker camping in huts as opposed to the Hilton in Hawaii however. The movie theater shows recently released films from the U.S. and India at around US$5 and has 3D and is really nice inside (coldest location in town) - Dec 2014

Going to the Suriname River is a refreshing day trip. All the resorts have swimming and some have extras like zip-lining, volleyball, trampolines, etc. Definitely see the sea turtles nesting in the spring and take a tour to see the river dolphins. The zoo is tiny, but fun for kids. The Butterfly Garden is really nice. - Jul 2014

Go to the beaches along the coast and seeing the Leatherback turtles; Going into the interior and seeing the people of Suriname (very varied groups throughout the country); Going on dolphin cruises; bicycling in the country; parties at friends' homes; sports for the kids; health clubs; golf club. - Sep 2013

See the interior, learn about the history, take river tours, hit the islands, visit the bars, do some day trips out of the city. - Nov 2010

There several nice beaches on the river a short drive from town. Hiking in the jungle at Brownsburg, boat trips on the river to see dolphins, in the spring the sea turtles come to the coast to nest. There's a nice ocean beach at Matapica. Fishing on the lake for peacock bass and piranha. Day trips to French Guiana for good cheese and wine. The accommodations at 95% of the places out of town are rustic to say the least. There is one really nice resort that has opened in the past year that has very nice accommodations along with zip lines and kayaking. If you stay anywhere else be prepared to bring your own food, bedding or hammocks and mosquito nets. If you're the outdoorsy type you'll love it, if you're looking for museums, concerts or spas you'll be miserable. - Feb 2010

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