What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Tropical rainforest. Hot and humid year round. Some months are drier than others but it can rain at any time. - Feb 2020

We are six degrees up from the equator. That makes it hot, humid, and wet. The seasons run from rainy season to little rainy season to heavy rainy season to not-so-rainy season. - Jun 2017

Rainy season and not so rainy season. In town it is nice when there is a breeze, but that is very seldom. High humidity and temperatures year 'round. It's best to get out of town as often as possible. - May 2016

Hot and humid most of the year. Kind of chilly in the mornings as the sun is coming up if it's windy. Rains in the morning and afternoon most days with the sky clearing in-between storms rolling through. Lots of flooding and the canals don't always drain so they can stink pretty bad at times. - Dec 2014

Very hot and humid. There is the rainy season where it rains A LOT and the dry season where it rains sometimes. It's always hot. - Jul 2014

Wet and muggy during some months and then sunny and hot during others. - Sep 2013

Hot, hot, and hot. In the 90's year round. Humid. You get used to it. The short rainy season is the best (Nov-Feb) with temps a bit cooler at night. - Nov 2010

Tropical, there is a big and little rainy season and a big and little dry season but it rains a little even in the dry season. The roads do tend to flood after some of the longer rains. There is also a pretty consistent breeze making the heat tolerable. - Feb 2010

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