What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We have a wonderful English-speaking housekeeper. Cost is about USD 5/hour. - Feb 2020

Household help is used by most, if not all, families. Housekeepers and/or nannies. We pay $100/week for part-time housekeeping. Our housekeeper does a good job. - Jun 2017

Full-time help is very hard to find. We pay $5 USD per hour for part-time once a week. Service standards are pretty low. - May 2016

Very rare to find anyone willing to work full time (8 hours). Most help will only watch the kids or do the cleaning/cooking, rarely agree to do both. Rate was around US$5/hour I think. - Dec 2014

Readily available, questionable quality, pretty reasonable prices. It was about 70SRD for one day or a few hours of cleaning or gardening. - Jul 2014

US$150-200 per month for part-time help. - Sep 2013

Yes, and cheap. 50 SRD ($15) per visit of about four hours of cleaning is norm. - Nov 2010

About $200 a month - Feb 2010

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