Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Some people use their U.S. GoogleFi here and it works fine. I have a local provider with data plan for about $20/month. It was super easy to set up on arrival. - Feb 2020

We brought unlocked iPhones and got SIM cards here. We use a local provider here and just swap SIM cards when we go back to the US. - Jun 2017

Our US T-Mobile plan has worked fine. - May 2016

There are a couple different companies and they were fine. I wasn't able to get a data plan on my iphone but basic calls and texting worked fine. - Jul 2014

Bring an unlocked phone with you to post . - Sep 2013

They have them here. - Nov 2010

Bring an unlocked GSM phone and buy a local sim card either Digicel or Telesur. You'll have no problems. You can buy phone's here, they're just pricier than ebay. - Feb 2010

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