Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

You need a car here. There are a few reputable taxi companies we use, but you generally need to reserve in advance and it's not particularly cheap. There's an app you can use to call a taxi on short notice (sort of like a local version of Uber) but I wouldn't want to rely on that on a daily basis, since drivers are not always reliable or available depending on time of day or weather conditions. - Feb 2020

Buses - no. Taxis - maybe, if you use one that is vetted through RSO. No trams or trains. - Jun 2017

Taxis are fine. Buses are crowded: I don't know any expat that uses them. - May 2016

No trains. Buses probably ok but nobody I knew took them. Weren't timely as they might wait for the bus to fill up (just small ones). Taxis were frequently used and people could arrange for a driver to regularly take them to/from work. Then sometimes it seemed they'd made enough money for a while and disappear. We used one who lived nearby on occasion when I had the car and my wife needed to meet me. We found it from a placard stapled to a phone pole that said "Johnny" and a phone number. Luckily it was for taxi service as we suspected and nothing else. - Dec 2014

It's not safe to use the local buses. Taxis are pretty affordable and easy to use. - Jul 2014

Taxis are not exactly what I would call safe, but not really awful either. We used them a bit and got along ok. However, most of the time I would drive myself and it was better. I wouldn't use public transport very much if at all. - Sep 2013

Yes, and yes. No trains, buses are crowded and hot, but taxis are all over and cheap. - Nov 2010

If you use a reputable taxi company you'll have no problem. - Feb 2010

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