Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

This is a cash economy. USD is currently accepted at favorable rates at many locations. I do not recommend using local ATMs due to the risk of muggings. We get cash from the Embassy. You can use credit cards only in a very limited number of places, like a few fancy restaurants, hotels, and one grocery store. - Feb 2020

Some places take credit cards and I've seen ATMs around town. I'm not sure how safe they are though. We just cash checks at the Embassy and use cash. - Jun 2017

Mastercard is accepted quite a lot of places and there are ATMs. - May 2016

Never used them. Stuck with cash the whole 2 years. - Dec 2014

Suriname is a cash-based economy. There are some places you can use a VISA card, but you will pay a higher exchange rate. We tried to withdraw money at the embassy whenever possible. - Jul 2014

There are some, but safer to use Embassy casheering, if that's an option. - Sep 2013

They work but I use the embassy cashier. - Nov 2010

We use RBTT ATM's all the time and have had little to no problems (they do often run out of money and it can be frustrating) - Feb 2010

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