Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

There are no sidewalks. Roads are not very well-maintained. Most buildings are probably not very accessible. - Feb 2020

Absolutely. There are few sidewalks, little if any handicap parking, few accessible buildings. - Jun 2017

Yes. Poor accessibility in all buildings downtown. - May 2016

Nearly impossible. Very few sidewalks, let along ramps or any sort of accessibility considerations. - Dec 2014

Yes. There are no sidewalks, no wheelchair accessible parking, bathrooms, etc. It would be very difficult to get around with limited mobility. - Jul 2014

Some. The city really isn't designed for persons with disabilities. - Sep 2013

This is not a handicap friendly city. One street will have sidewalks, and the next will not. Very few businesses can accommodate a wheelchair. - Nov 2010

No sidewalks, no ramps and very few (terrifying) elevators. - Feb 2010

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