Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Suriname is very ethnically and religiously diverse and I've not seen/heard about problems. As for gender equality, it is a chauvinistic society. We had a female spouse who ran over a random piece of rebar and it tore up some of her bumper. While she was figuring out what to do, a guy stopped, pulled out a knife, and hacked off her bumper. All the while she was yelling at him to stop and then he was mad that she wasn't grateful. - Jun 2017

Gender prejudices are several decades behind. Racial and religious issues don't often come up as the country is a real melting pot- but they are certainly there under the surface. - May 2016

Some tensions between different groups, but mostly accepting and it's more the quips and comments you'll hear people mutter anywhere about other races, religions, etc. - Dec 2014

There is some racism among the locals, but it didn't seem to affect outsiders. - Jul 2014

No, not that I ever noticed. - Sep 2013

No. Very diverse and harmonious. - Nov 2010

No, one of the things Surinamers are very proud of is the fact that there is a Mosque and a Synagogue built right next to each other downtown. - Feb 2010

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