Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It seems to be pretty good for couples. I think the schools have been hit or miss for some families. It could be isolating as a single person unless you really make an effort to make friends. - Feb 2020

Suriname might be easiest for families with school-aged children as the kids make friends at school and the parents can meet adults outside the embassy community. As for couples and singles, I'm not sure. - Jun 2017

Paramaribo is great for the kind of person who gets very excited by not having a whole lot of social obligations once the weekend comes. I wouldn't call Paramaribo a good city for anyone, to be frank. The rest of Suriname is good for people who have a sense of adventure, and appreciate nature. Especially those who are very proactive on outdoor and interior trips (fishing, hiking, biking) and have a higher tolerance for risk when it comes to travel. - May 2016

Probably best for families with small kids who spend most of their time entertaining themselves. Most the singles I knew were miserable, and people with older kids either disliked the schools or didn't bring their kids or spouses with them. Couples without kids seemed to do ok, but also got bored or later had kids and then dealt with the lack of good medical care. - Dec 2014

Paramaribo is a pretty sleepy town. If you are a homebody and don't require a lot of excitement, you could really love it here. Or if you have a lot of extra money for traveling, you could see a lot of the interior and surrounding islands. There aren't many safe playgrounds available and the medical care isn't great, so I worried about my kids a lot. Also, the worry about Dengue Fever made it hard to want to spend much time outside during the day. If there is a good group of people at post who are interested in taking turns hosting get-togethers it can be really nice no matter what your situation. There just really isn't a lot to do outside of socializing with each other, so it can get boring. Oh, there's also a lot of late night clubbing/dancing available if that's your thing. - Jul 2014

I think so (for families anyway). I loved it there. We had a great group of friends and were always having parties with them. I think if you're going to enjoy it it's all dependent upon that. I knew several people who absolutely hated it, but i loved it. - Sep 2013

This is fast becoming a "family post" for those with young kids. That said, there are plenty of clubs/bars/restaurants open all night for those seeking entertainment outside the house. It is a small Embassy so you have to seek friends and opportunties outside the small community, but it is there to be found. - Nov 2010

There's not a lot of night life. I imagine it would be challenging being single here. It's a good city for families. - Feb 2010

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