What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Tallin's Old Town. It is not hidden, but it is very vibrant, with many interesting performances, concerts and shows going around, at any time, surrounded by the medieval looks. Amazing place. - Jun 2017

Bog walks, Old Town, forest hikes, trips to the islands and the beach. - Sep 2016

Winter sports like cross-country skiing, museums, restaurants, concerts, mushroom picking, clubs, exploring castles, some underground caves, sailing in the summer, movies, bowling and probably some more things too. - Oct 2012

Old Town and the Islands. - Oct 2012

Visiting old castles and manor houses. Going to the beach. Although the water is shallow, flat and not very warm (even in summer), beaches are local, and for a day on the sand they satisfy. It's a mellow place, or maybe we're mellow and haven't been out to explore everything Tallinn has to offer. - Sep 2010

Beautiful sightseeing in Tallinn, and a wonderful and easy country to explore. - Aug 2009

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