Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Maybe, as many building date from Soviet times and don't have an elevator. - Jun 2017

The city is not very accessible, but it gets better every day. Every new building is made to EU standards. It's much better than it was years ago. - Jan 2013

There are some pretty uneven roads, but some public transport has wheelchair access. Smaller restaurants and stores are not accessible. - Oct 2012

A lot of difficulty. Ramps are few and far between, as are handicap-equippedrestrooms. - Oct 2012

They might get their wheelchair stuck in a pot hole or in cobblestones in Old Town. I don't think the embassy has complied with wheelchair accessibility, now that I think about it... - Sep 2010

Even the "bicycle paths" have curbs, so some difficulty. - Aug 2009

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