Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Lots of school options. Most use the education allowance to pay for private schools. - Jun 2018

Don't know but most attended local government or parochial schools. Parochial schools are government-funded in Canada. - Apr 2018

Local schools are good. - Nov 2016

School options are great, most families prefer private school options for their children. - Oct 2016

Toronto is an English speaking city and you don't get "international schools" the same way you would overseas. We don't have kids, but I'm told that the private schools here are extremely good. From what I've been told, your opinion of the public school system will depend on where you're from (meaning, I've heard people say that the public schools are very good and also that they're average)). - Nov 2015

The public school system seems to rival private ones here. We didn't have personal experience, but a lot of families we knew had great experiences with the public schools. - Jul 2015

There are many excellent, private schools available, both co-ed and single-gender. There is great ethnic diversity in the private schools as well. Be ready to pay for uniforms and extra activity fees in addition to tuition. The public system struggles with labor issues and poor funding, but it is free for residents. Junior Kindergarten (PreK) is free as well, and is often used by expats---since their agencies will only pay private-school fees for Senior Kindergarten and above. - Jan 2013

There are no international schools, the local public and private schools are good, many offer English as the second langauge - May 2010

No international schools. Most families send their kids to local schools. The schools here are very good. - Aug 2008

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