Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Uber Eats and all the competitors. Ritual is a popular take-out app. - Aug 2022

Everything is available, depending on your tastes. - Jun 2018

Nothing in particular. - Apr 2018

Thousands of great restaurants from every place in the world. The same fast food places that you will find the the USA are here. - Nov 2016

Your imagination is the limit--you name it, you can find it in Toronto. - Oct 2016

Most of the main chains are here. But more expensive. Anticipate a 15-25% increase over the U.S. (although, it depends on how the currency is doing). - Nov 2015

You can find fast food, similar to that in the states, but it is very expensive. We paid almost $20 for two cheeseburger meals from McDonald's. I believe that the government of Ontario is trying to encourage consumers to choose healthy food by increasing the taxes on fast food. Tim Horton's coffee was cheap, though. They have great coffee and are an option to Starbucks. - Jul 2015

Most chains are here, but they are slightly more expensive. A Happy Meal will run about $7.00. A large cheese pizza runs about $15. - Jan 2013

Toronto has all the fast food you can think of. There are thousands of restaurants here because of all the cultures. No matter where you are from you will find a restaurant with food from your country. - May 2010

Yes. So many restaurants and so many kinds of food that it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. The negative is that with the three taxes (provincial food, provincial alcohol and federal) and tip, you end up paying about 30 - 35% more than you expect to when ordering. - Apr 2010

All fast food is found here. There are alot of good restaurants here. Great Indian, Thai, Italian, French, Mexican, Latin, every kind of restaurant is here. - Aug 2008

Plenty of US/Canadian chain restaurants as well as tasty ethnic food for cheap. Really good moderate food ($25-30 entrees) is hard to find. Fine dining is available but you'll pay dearly for it. - Jan 2008

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