Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes. It's much like NYC or Chicago in that sense. - Aug 2022

Very good. - Jun 2018

Yes, friendly and accepting. - Apr 2018

It is, Toronto has on of the largest LGBT populations in North America. - Nov 2016

Very easy going and welcoming city. LGBTQ community feels at home. - Oct 2016

Yes, definitely. I think Canada was the first country to legalize gay marriage. There is a large gay population in the city. People here are very tolerant. - Nov 2015

Excellent. The premier of Ontario is a lesbian, and marriage equality has been present for almost a decade (maybe longer). Canadians don't really care if you are gay or not. People are very accepting here! - Jul 2015

Excellent. This is an extremely tolerant community. Ontario just elected their first woman, and openly gay, premier. - Jan 2013

Yes it is great, Toronto has the largest gay/lesbian community in the world. - May 2010

Most definitely. Gay marriage is commonplace and the Gay Pride weekend is a huge city event. - Apr 2010

Yes, there is a gay neighbours hood and a gay parade every year. - Aug 2008

Yes. Gay marriage is legal in Canada. There's a gay neighborhood at Church and Wellesley Streets and open, diverse, scenes at West Queen Street West and around Kensington Market. - Jan 2008

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