Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Just about any club or activity can be found here. - Aug 2022

We joined a "city club" and met a lot of Canadians through it. This is a very British tradition. The University Club is next door to the Consulate and the is a couple of buildings farther down. There is a Faculty Club at the Univ of Toronto and the Albany and National Clubs were also available. - Apr 2018

Lots of clubs, go to a restaurant, bar or festival. - Nov 2016

Pretty much everything. Restaurants, bars, night clubs, ballet, theater, opera, film, museums, outdoors stuff (even in the city). If you get bored here it's because you're a boring person. - Nov 2015

There is a lot to do here: movie theatres, concerts, restaurants. Night life is quite good, too. - Jul 2015

If you are bored here, you just aren't trying. Many festivals, movies, public parks, huge biking/walking trail systems, plays, concerts, sporting events, museums, galleries, etc. - Jan 2013

So much: there is a great nightlife, with most restaurants staying open til 3 a.m. downtown. There are so many bars, and as I mentioned before, lots of shopping and great beaches. - May 2010

People tend to go their own ways after work and make their own friends, although you most likely find yourself spending time with people from work who you would spend time with if you met them at any other job. People are friendly but the Consulate community is not cohesive/insular(depending on your perspective) like at a lot of other posts. - Apr 2010

Toronto has a fantasic night life, everything stays open till midnight or all night. There is also Niagara Falls nearby, Canadas Wonderland, Marine Land and the U.S.A is an hour away. There is always an event happening here. - Aug 2008

Many clubs, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Because of the size of the city you'll need to work harder to meet people. - Jan 2008

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