Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Many keep their TMobile or Google Fi from the USA and use that just fine here on roaming. But local ones are much like the internet -- readily available just a bit pricey. - Aug 2022

It varies. Some people use their US plan with an add-on package, or some get local cellular service package contracts in Canada, often with a new handset in the deal. - Jun 2018

Only Rogers seemed to work well. I had service with Wind/Freedom Mobile which was abominable in Canada (small coverage areas and crappy connectivity when in the area). Worked better in the USA because included roaming was ATT. - Apr 2018

Use any phone, go with any of the national companies. - Nov 2016

Some folks keep their home country plan and add roaming in Canada. others get a plan here. Canadian mobile phone plans are more expensive than the U.S., with more restrictions, penalties, and fewer options. - Oct 2016

Check out pricing. Plans are more expensive here than in the U.S. but you also have to factor in international fees if you're keeping a U.S. provider. The service here is good, fast. Streaming is easy, high quality. - Nov 2015

We went with Koodo mobile, a local company, and paid around US$60 a month for a month-to-month contract. - Jul 2015

We use AT&T and have an international plan for about $95 per month. Local carriers are very expensive, but the service is good. - Jan 2013

No, however the most popular cell phone network in Toronto is Rogers. - May 2010

Don´t go with Rogers. Their plans are overpriced, they lock you into long-term contracts without telling you and their customer service is abominable. - Apr 2010

Use a calling card, or get a long distance plan; most people use Rogers. - Aug 2008

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