Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Everything is available though you might not find your favorite U.S. beer, cheese, or wine. If you're crazy like that, you can drive to Trader Joe's near Buffalo every weekend. - Aug 2022

Everything is available, though prices are more expensive than you may be accustomed to. Canadian government-controlled supply of some commodities seems to result in higher prices than the free market would normally set. - Jun 2018

COLA covered the cost of living difference. Pretty much same for product availability except for Latin American ethnic foods. Mexican cuisine, for example, was problematic. - Apr 2018

I would say the prices are similar to that of the USA. - Nov 2016

Everything is available. Even more so than the U.S and abroad, it seems. However, you may pay more. The exchange rate and tax reimbursements may make a difference. - Oct 2016

Everything you could possibly want is available. But it's more expensive. A costco membership comes in handy. Or go to Buffalo do a large pickup and drive back. You won't want for anything in Toronto. But you will pay more. - Nov 2015

Groceries are expensive. We took advantage of the short drive to Buffalo for weekend grocery-shopping trips. When shopping locally, we could easily spend $200 a week just on groceries. Compare that to $100 at WallMart in Buffalo. Also, be sure to check out St Lawrence market for cheaper produce and meat products. - Jul 2015

Everything here is more expensive by about 25%. Meat and dairy is expensiv,e but fruits and vegetables seem on par with the US. Dry cleaning runs about $20 per suit. Some folks will make a trip to Buffalo for the weekend to stock up. - Jan 2013

You can buy everything here, it is about the same cost as in the USA. - May 2010

About the same as the US with the exception of dairy. Cheese and all milk products are a lot more expensive in the US as Canada puts a limit on how much milk each cow can produce per month/year. Not sure if this is an animal rights thing or a way to keep prices up, but it sure makes for pricey dairy. - Apr 2010

Same as the U.S.A. You can find everything you want here. - Aug 2008

No problems with availability. Cost for everything is usually US price plus 30%. Meat and dairy are not subsidized and much more expensive than in U.S. 4L of milk is $5.50- you'll want a milk jug. You can get these at the supermarket orany dollar store. - Jan 2008

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