Toronto - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

It's pretty darn accommodating for those with disabilities. Canadians are very aware of these issues and address them. But much like any large city, sometimes there are barriers in the way due to construction projects. - Aug 2022

No, very ADA friendly. - Jun 2018

Not anymore than in Washington, DC. - Apr 2018

Only some, some train stations have no elevator as well as some older office buildings. - Nov 2016

Not many. There are some areas where there are old buildings that might not be accessible. The Distillery District has cobble stone roads, so it would be hard to get around. Overall, I think it would be the same as a large US city. - Nov 2015

Perhaps in downtown areas more than in the suburbs. We found some sidewalks to be not great for strollers, so I imagine this would be difficult for those in wheelchairs or elderly folks. Some older buildings do not have elevators and do not provide for wheelchair access. But some do, so it depends on where you go. - Jul 2015

This is a very accessible city for the most part. - Jan 2013

Some, but most sidewalks have ramps, buildings have elevators and buses can lower for wheelchairs. - May 2010

Some, but most building have elevators and there are a lot of ramps. But there are big crowds that disabeld people may find challenging - Aug 2008

It depends on the disability. In the winter, the sidewalks are icy. Transit is not wheelchair accessible although public buildings are. Road crossings are generally not equipped for the blind. - Jan 2008


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