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This is an "open minded" country, you can wear (or not wear!) whatever you want. You will dress more modestly in the U.S. than here! Alcohol is available everywhere. But, Beirut is not the "Paris of the Middle East" anymore, those days are long gone.

People here like you because of what you can give them or do for them, keep a wall up for awhile until you really get to know them.

Driving here is insane, cars do not go through yearly inspections honestly (borrowing parts from their brother so they pass) be happy and thankful to have a big black shiny armored vehicle to drive you around. - Jul 2016

Lebanon is a very frustrating place because it has so much potential. It could be the number one tourist destination for the Middle East. Europeans would have a great time here as well. It has everything a tourist could want to do, any season of the year. But some portion of the population wants Lebanon to be a bit more like Iran. And rumor has it that Syria causes trouble in Lebanon so that people will go to Damascus for their vacation instead (did you know that Damascus has nice hotels, restaurants, casinos as well?) - Jun 2008

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