What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Until it disappears, the hardship and danger pay. - May 2019

Being thankful for the city where you came from. - Jul 2016

My favourite aspects of Beirut are the weather, the food, the diversity of landscapes and outdoor activities in such a small country, and the friendliness of Lebanese colleagues and friends. - Feb 2015

When you have the opportunity to get off compound, Lebanon is a staggeringly beautiful with something for everyone: swimming, skiing, museums, nightclubs, shopping, antiquities, and restaurants. Beirut is ideally situated for weekend getaways to Europe and the Middle East. - Nov 2014

The scenery is beautiful and the Lebanese people are very open and warm. - Apr 2014

Living on the Mediterranean is great. The weather is generally favorable though quite humid in the summer. The people are very friendly and welcoming. The food is delicious. The country is small but there are many places to discover. - Jan 2014

Beirut is still the jewel of the Middle East. A world-class city, it has beaches, mountains, ruins, and skiing. The Lebanese are open and welcoming people, and it is by far the most culturally vibrant city in the Arab world. - Sep 2010

Beirut is an amazing amalgam of a city that has something for nearly everyone. The restaurants, clubs, and bars are excellent and varied, and there are a wide range of outdoor activities, as well, including hiking, snow skiing, sailing, and going to the beach. In addition, Lebanon has a large number of archeological sites, many of them not yet restored. - Jul 2010

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