Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I've heard there are a couple of gay bars and clubs, but the overall attitude towards LGBT people is not that welcoming. - May 2019

Homosexuality is illegal. It's more of a "don't ask, don't tell" society. I've been told you would probably get around six months in prison if prosecuted, but I've never heard of that actually happening. - Jul 2016

Yes. There is an emerging understanding among Lebanese of gay rights and organizations focused on improving rights for the LGBT population in Lebanon. There is an active gay social scene and some gay bars and clubs. That said, homosexuality is illegal and there have been occasional government actions including jailing queer refugees in clubs in particular. Westerners have not been targeted in these actions but it does demonstrate that things are far from what would be expected in a Western European or North American city. - Feb 2015

Since opportunities to get off compound to interact with the Lebanese population are so limited, you are basically in a microcosm of Americana, which is generally quite tolerant of gay and lesbians. - Nov 2014

I don't know that it is particularly good, but I did know gay people in Beirut. - Jan 2014

Yes. - Apr 2012

Beirut is very gay-friendly. Educated Lebanese have very liberal attitudes, and family-based pressures about sexual orientation do not apply to expats, obviously. The party scene is dominated by lesbian DJs, and several of the clubs are "gay". - Sep 2010

The New York Times recently printed an article about how Beirut is a gay mecca in the Arab world. I think they were exaggerating a bit since it seems that gay people normally live a dual married/gay life, but there are several gay bars. Obviously, once again, being on the compound complicates dating for embassy employees. - Jul 2010

No. It is hard for embassy personnel to practice any alternative lifestyles with discretion. - Jun 2009

It seems to be. - Jun 2008

We have a friend who is gay here and he thinks it's a wonderful place to live. - Mar 2008

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