Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Most people at the mission in Beirut did not voluntarily move here. - May 2019

No. The lack of sidewalks and not being able to simply WALK outside is frustrating and depressing. The lack of clean air and green space is also a shame. The culture of showing off and extreme materialism gets old and is not one I would encourage a child to be raised in. Do not be surprised if someone here tells you that you: have gotten fat, you're too skinny, you look tired, your eyebrows are too far apart, your hair should look another way, etc. I thought Lebanese were like Italians, very welcoming, warm and friendly, this was a disappointment. - Jul 2016

Definitely. I really enjoyed my time in Beirut. - Feb 2015

They say that location is everything, and the Embassy is poised at a beautiful location overlooking the sea and sparkling downtown. Now I’m more persuaded that timing is everything. Two years ago when Lebanon was more stable and employees had guaranteed two moves a week with less of a workload, this would have been a manageable hardship. As the Syrian civil war has impacted Lebanon, Beirut has been transformed into a truly difficult hardship with restrictions commensurate with AIP posts without the attendant benefits. - Nov 2014

Absolutely not. It is not at all like going to a foreign country. It is like being under the thumb of the U.S. State Department policy of the moment and whoever is gunning the hardest for the best EER. Run, run as fast as you can, as far as you can from U.S. Embassy Beirut. It is not worth any amount of danger pay. - Apr 2014

In a heartbeat! - Jan 2014

I think so. - Apr 2012

For a year yes, for longer, compound-living wears on you. - Sep 2010

Absolutely. However, for embassy staff, it's not for everyone because of the lifestyle restrictions. If you would chafe managing these conditions, you shouldn't come and torture everyone else. - Jul 2010

No, not with the restrictions imposed upon embassy personnel. - Jun 2009

If the security situation were the way it is now, not a chance. If it ever improves, I'd consider it. - Jun 2008

I don't think biggest hang up has been the places for the kids to play. We are a family who likes to spend time outdoors and because we are not able to drive out of the city regularly it's been a frustrating place to live. - Mar 2008

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