What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

-Tampons! The size and style you need may not be available, for example, at Spinneys they have regular or heavy flow, never seen light available. OUCH!
-Bring any clothing you think you may need, clothing/shoes are expensive here and quality is compromising
-Gifts, Toys, bring what you can, you will pay triple here
-Cereal (American cereal is about US$8 per box)
- Jul 2016

Nothing. I found everything I needed there. - Feb 2015

Due to the pouch restrictions, if there are any liquids you must have (lotions, shampoo, etc.) be sure to ship them in your HHE. If you have a balcony, a grill is a wonderful accessory for weekends on compound (facilities will kindly fix the adapter for the propane connection). Gourmands should bring any unique spices (chiles, etc.) that may be difficult to find. If you are blessed with a hobby that you can do at home, be sure to ship your materials. - Nov 2014

More toys and kids clothes. Things here are quite expensive, especially for the nicer quality or US/European brands. - Apr 2012

If going as an American diplomat, bring things to keep one busy, because you will be restricted to the compound most of the time, i.e. books, DVDs, etc. Otherwise, travel light. - Sep 2010

Nothing, really. Everything is available here, and you can always resort to the diplomatic pouch for what you forget. - Jul 2010

Video games, DVDs -- anything you can do alone at home. - Jun 2009

Nothing really comes to mind. I wouldn't buy clothes here because they're expensive and of low quality -- I just refresh my wardrobe when I'm in the States for vacations. - Jun 2008

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