Beirut - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

This is a pouch only post and the local mail is not reliable enough to receive things here. The pouch could take anywhere from two weeks to a month. - Oct 2020

Pouch only post. - May 2019

As U2 would say, this is a place where the, "streets have no name." Do not expect to mail anything from here, and if someone sense you something you'll pay a lot at customs. DHL is available if you're desperate but I have no idea what it would cost... - Jul 2016

Currently, Beirut is a pouch-only post with the attendant restrictions on liquids (less than 16-ounces). Washington, D.C. is enforcing these rules more and more stringently (even canned pumpkin has been rejected). The time to receive items varies from 2-6 weeks as the pouched is shipped on a space available basis. Be prepared for long waits during the Christmas season. BRASS sells postage for outbound mail, though sending items out can be challenging. - Nov 2014

We use diplomatic pouch to receive packages but cannot receive any liquids over 16 oz. and cannot send packages through the pouch. In order to send packages, we have to use a private service which is prohibitively expensive. - Apr 2014

You don't. Sending packages is very unreliable and they may get stolen. Just as an anecdote: My first week in Lebanon I had some post cards to mail and as I was walking with a Lebanese friend, I stopped and dropped them in the yellow mail box. My friend looked at me with a shocked look and said, "What are you doing?" "Mailing some post cards," I said. "That works???" I think they eventually arrived to their destinations. - Jan 2014

We don't. everything gets stopped at customs and charged, so it's easier to have visitors bring things over. - Apr 2012

Through the diplomatic pouch, though LibanPost has a decent reputation. - Sep 2010

Diplomatic pouch for embassy employees. I have no idea about everyone else. - Jul 2010

I do not use mail services. - Jun 2009

We use pouch. Others probably use DHL. - Jun 2008

The mail system isn't bad. My family has sent things to my children (packages, letters) and we have received them. - Mar 2008

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