Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

There are snakes, spiders, and scorpions on compound, but there aren't many stories of them actually becoming a nuisance. - May 2019

No malaria, no dengue, no yellow fever, this is one nice thing about living here. - Jul 2016

Nothing major. - Feb 2015

Thankfully, most insects are benign if not disturbing. The compound is plagued by strange black millipedes, odoriferous when quashed, which wend their way into your apartment and onto your furniture; large tarantula-like brown spiders, which feature prominently in many a compound tale, usually set in the bathroom; and in some apartments cockroaches, which spray from the air conditioning vents. Now snakes, there's a problem! - Nov 2014

Mosquitos, some small insects (cockroaches, ants), spiders, small lizards. Nothing spectacular. - Apr 2014

Nothing specific that I know of. - Jan 2014

None. - Sep 2010

Nothing notable. Some people on the embassy compound have reported seeing large spiders or small snakes around. There are a few mosquitos at times. - Jul 2010

None, some mosquitoes. - Jun 2009

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