What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Cool and rainy winters, hot summers. Overall it's colder than most people expect. - May 2019

December-March it is rainy, cloudy, and about 50-62F. It is unbearably hot in August, all of your amps for electricity will be used for your air conditioning. - Jul 2016

There is some snow in the winter at sea level and much more snow at higher altitudes. In the winter you can go skiing or snowboarding at Faraya. For the rest of the year temperatures are quite warm but pleasant. It can get quite hot in the summer, but the beaches are a nice place to cool down. - Feb 2015

Poised on the Mediterranean, Beirut generally has mild winters and warm summers, though summers can be stiflingly humid. Though it never gets cold, the winters are as volatile as the political landscape with weather ranging from lighting storms to mild sunshine (sometimes within the same hour). - Nov 2014

Cool and rainy in the winter and uncomfortably hot and humid in the summer. - Apr 2014

Mediterranean climate. Long summer with great weather often into November. Rainy and cold in the winter. Very humid in summer. - Jan 2014

HOT in summer, cold & rainy in winter. - Apr 2012

Classic "Mediterranean".Hot but not sweltering summer, perfect fall and spring and slightly chilly winter when it rains. Unless you're in the mountains for a weekend of skiing, nothing more than a sweater is needed. - Sep 2010

The weather is mild year round. While hot and humid in the summer, you're on the coast so you normally have a nice breeze. Winters are mild and rainy, but I never needed to wear anything more than a raincoat or a light jacket. Spring and fall are heavenly. In the winter, you can ski in some of the higher mountains, but global climate change has been cutting the ski season shorter and shorter. Last year it was around two weeks long. - Jul 2010

Mediterranean Climate. - Jun 2009

Hot and humid in the summer and monsoon-like in the winter. Up in the mountains it snows quite a bit. - Jun 2008

Mild in the winter with rain occationally...although, this winter was quite cold and it was very hot in the summer (face melting hot). - Mar 2008

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