But don't forget your:

Brand-name clothes, cologne/perfume, gifts for kids or adults, books/DVDs, VPN account set up before you come, Shellac nail supplies to give you something to master and do while you're bored, anything else you think you might help keep you from being bored if you aren't able to leave your compound. - Jul 2016

Patience, forbearance, fortitude, professionalism, and dedication. - Nov 2014

Reading material and indoor hobbies. You will be spending a lot of unproductive down time. - Apr 2014

Skis. - Sep 2010

Ability to entertain yourself. Beirut has a lot to offer, but if you work for the embassy and don't make an effort to get out, you'll never see any of it. If you want, you can sit on the compound all day and watch tv, or you can make friends and go have adventures together. - Jul 2010

books and DVDs. - Jun 2009

Sunblock and rain suit. - Jun 2008

Open mind and patience. - Mar 2008

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