What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Standard embassy dress. Some sections where suits, most are business casual. - May 2019

It's so funny when I go home and people ask me if I wear a hijab or a burka when I'm in Lebanon, and they are shocked when I tell them it's the exact opposite! This is the place to go if you are a fan of leopard print, 4-5 inch heels, cleavage, lots of makeup, lots of perfume, and mini skirts. The more, the better here! - Jul 2016

If you have representational duties and engage with your Lebanese counterparts, then dress is professional. Other sections are business casual. Outside of work, the Lebanese dress to impress, so pretty much anything goes. - Nov 2014

Most people are fairly casual, depending on the section. - Apr 2014

In public anything goes. You can see everything from mini skirts, low cut tops, and stilettos to a full covering. Dress for your own comfort level. In the work place it would depend on the particular business. - Jan 2014

Formal business attire at work, otherwise there are no special restrictions. At the beach, people go nearly naked. - Sep 2010

Lebanese, in general, are quite stylish. They tend toward suits for business activities, although they may forgo the tie. The embassy follows this convention. For social events, it's difficult to be too stylishly or too sexily dressed. The Lebanese will always outclass or shock you with their excess. Some parts of the country still hold to traditional values, but your contact with them is likely to be rare. - Jul 2010

At work, professional -- men should wear a tie and women should look professional. Otherwise you are mostly at home and can wear what you like. - Jun 2009

The Lebanese like to dress up. The men dress pretty conservatively (grey, blue, black suits) for business. The women dress pretty scantily (if Christian) and cover up pretty well (if Muslim). - Jun 2008

The Lebanese tend to over-dress, always. - Mar 2008

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