What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Due to our location and movement restrictions, most people do not have many, if any, friends off-compound. - May 2019

Be prepared to entertain at home. When moves get cancelled, people rally to host events in their houses. If you love to cook, then you will never be short on friends. If you are young and extraverted, you will love the compound community. Older and introverted people have a more challenging time integrating. Certain sections stick together. - Nov 2014

There is not enough of an opportunity to explore the country. It is the only post I've been where it actually feels not at all like being in a foreign country so much as it feels like being in a prison. Most of the entertaining/social life is either getting together with people you live and work with or going out to eat with people you live and work with. - Apr 2014

There are plenty of bars and restaurants, beach clubs (costly), wineries, snowshoeing/skiing, hiking. There are a lot of outdoors groups to help you get out of the city and into nature. - Jan 2014

Lots of bars, restaurants, clubs. A very "see and be seen" atmosphere. Some really good restaurants and a lot of overpriced ones (for the quality of the food). - Apr 2012

Everything is available. Lebanese like to show off and take Westerners to high end restaurants and clubs with bottle service. - Sep 2010

The Lebanese are extremely social and love to host event either in restaurants or their homes. Unfortunately, because of the difficulty of entering the compound and the relative modesty of embassy residences, it's difficult to reciprocate. Most embassy employees make friend groups either inside or outside the embassy. That being said, it is much more difficult for embassy employees to establish strong friendships with Lebanese not because the Lebanese are not friendly, but just because of the lifestyle restrictions on us. - Jul 2010

There is a bar on the embassy compound. - Jun 2009

Night clubs, restaurants, concerts, casinos, Super Nightclubs, evening shopping. Plenty to do. - Jun 2008

A good night life. - Mar 2008

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