What English-language religious services are available locally?

There are churches nearby that a few people go to. - May 2019

Saint George USG (Roman Catholic) has an English mass on Sundays. The priest is American, and 95% of the parishioners are Filipino and welcoming. - Jul 2016

There is an Anglican church with an English service. There may be others that I am unaware of. - Feb 2015

Many services are available, and moves to religious services do not count against your personal move (another source of contention in the community). Do not count on being able to attend the same service at the same location every week. - Nov 2014

Several throughout town, Catholic and Orthodox. - Apr 2014

Lebanon has a thriving Christian religious scene with several denominations holding weekly or monthly services in English. - Sep 2010

Some people from the embassy go to local churches. There is a complete range, although most churches are from the prominent local Christian denominations, most of which are affiliated with the Catholic Church. - Jul 2010

Yes, Catholic (others are available as well I believe) I have been able to go to church through special embassy moves. - Jun 2009

All available except Jewish services. - Jun 2008

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