What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Running rate for cleaning every week is US$50/week. There is one cleaner who has started recently who charges US$20/week, but she is pretty much fully booked up. - May 2019

Domestic help is priced based on the race of the person. Filipinos are the most expensive because they speak English, Bengali are usually the cheapest at US$5. Domestic workers are taken everywhere: grocery stores to push the cart, church to watch the kids, birthday parties to watch kids, out to eat to watch the kids, pretty much everywhere and they sit in the back of the car. From what I have seen, they are not treated very well in general. - Jul 2016

I paid someone US$33 for a eight hour shift to clean my apartment once a week. There is lots of domestic help available. - Feb 2015

The maid mafia will hit you up soon after your arrival. The cost is comparable to the U.S. (US$50) per cleaning, though they work hard and do a good job. - Nov 2014

US$25-30/day. - Apr 2014

US$5-$7 per hour for cleaning. Many people get live-in help and it's quite affordable. - Jan 2014

Very inexpensive ($5/hr for cleaning). US$400-$500/month for a live-in maid/nanny (although that doesn't include the agency fees or airline tickets). Most domestic help is from the Philippines, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, or West Africa. - Apr 2012

Available at prices ranging from 150 to 200 USD/month for weekly cleaning. - Sep 2010

Most Lebanese contract workers from the Philippines, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, or Madagascar and then underpay them and keep their passport hostage. Lebanese are loathe to work as domestic workers. On the embassy compound, people contract one of several Philipinas to work on an hourly basis for about $10/hour. - Jul 2010

Available and cheap compared to Europe or U.S. - Jun 2009

Readily available here on compound. I pay US$25 for a day's worth of work. - Jun 2008

If you have residency you can go through an agency to find help. Costs varies and degree of responsibilty for these helpers also vary. - Mar 2008

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