Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Beirut is full of hills and steps, especially on the compound. It would not be suitable for someone with physical disabilities. - May 2019

YES! It's difficult for someone without physical disabilities. You can absolutely not come if you have physical limitations. There are NO side walks and the whole country is hilly. I've actually never seen a person in a wheelchair here... - Jul 2016

Getting around in the city would be quite difficult: most buildings and sidewalks are not constructed with wheelchair or limited mobility in mind. - Feb 2015

The seemingly infinite stairs, barriers, and hills make the compound difficult to negotiate even for the able-bodied. - Nov 2014

Yes. Typical developing country infrastructure. Watch where you walk. - Apr 2014

I would imagine so! The sidewalks are used for parking, hanging out, storage, etc. They are often uneven and the curbs are of varying heights. It can be difficult to navigate a stroller so I can't imagine something like a wheelchair. Also, electricity goes out on a regular schedule making elevators inoperable. - Jan 2014

I can't even imagine. It's a pain trying to get a stroller around the streets of Beirut. Cars park on every sidewalk; there are no curb ramps; etc. - Apr 2012

Beirut is not a wheelchair-friendly city. - Sep 2010

You shouldn't come. Infrastructure is bad in Beirut, and no one thought of the disabled. - Jul 2010

The embassy is on a hill with many stairs -- which could be difficult. - Jun 2009

It would be extremely hard to get around. There are many buildings with non-functional elevators. And when they do work, they're too narrow for wheelchairs. There are no wheel-chair accessible ramps from sidewalk to street. There are many steep hills in this country, making it difficult for someone using crutches, as well. - Jun 2008

I would not advise it as there are hardly any ramps and if there is one, it's usually blocked by a car. Also, the sidewalks are not even and quite difficult to maneuver. - Mar 2008

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