Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

The sectarian divide weighs heavily on Lebanon, but it shouldn't impact expats on a day-to-day basis. - May 2019

Lebanon is about 30% Christian. The rest are Muslim or Druze. Lebanese in their 20's-30's understand more about gender equality than the baby boomer generation. - Jul 2016

Yes. People of colour are often presumed to be domestic or construction workers from another country, and mixed relationships (particularly black/white) are stigmatized by the Lebanese (particularly the more traditional or elderly Lebanese) -- until they discover you are from the "West" and then they tend to be more friendly. - Feb 2015

There are a few long-standing sectarian issues in this part of the world from which you will be well insulated. - Nov 2014

Many Lebansese are prejudiced against people of color. If your are black or Asian you may be mistaken for household help. Most Lebanese families have domestic helpers from Sri Lanka, Ethipoia, Philipines, etc. - Jan 2014

The Lebanese have some class-based racial prejudice. Almost all the blacks in the country are there as imported domestic help, same with South Asians and Filipinos. There is a general dislike of Palestinians due to their involvement in the civil war, and people have limited friendships across the religious divisions that still separate Lebanese society. There is a confluence of Jews and Israelis. - Sep 2010

Sectarian divisions can be stark, but expats live outside of that equation. Racism against Asians or Africans -- who are viewed as domestic workers -- is deep. People treat domestic help like indentured servants. - Jul 2010

Some. Those of Asian and African origin are generally viewed as household help. - Jun 2009

Where to begin? Asians and Africans are discriminated against because they are typically nannies, housekeepers or manual laborers. There are 17 different religious groups here and they all seem to dislike one another for some reason or another. Christians and Muslims fight within their own sects. - Jun 2008

Yes. As far as racial prejudice I have never felt so sub-human than I do here. I am part Filipino and many of the domestic helpers are from the Phillipines. So many times I am not helped at the grocery store or stared at. - Mar 2008

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