Beirut - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Beirut has unique challenges in this context. For singles, I imagine it would be ideal as long as you're not interested in dating. It could be good for couples if the spouse can find a job they will enjoy at the embassy. In my opinion, this would not be a good place to bring a spouse if they are still adjusting to the foreign service lifestyle or have never lived in a hardship location before. - Oct 2020

The movement restrictions make it very hard to date, but a few determined people have managed to make it happen with some degree of success. There seem to be enough job opportunities for spouses, although an unemployed spouse here would probably be extremely unhappy. - May 2019

For families with small children, the lack of green space in the city may be frustrating -- there are only a few parks and they are often far away and without parking nearby. For singles and couples, this is an excellent city with a vibrant social scene: restaurants, clubs, outdoor activities (hiking groups, scuba diving, boating) are all easy to participate in if you speak French or English. - Feb 2015

I would say it is good for all types of people. - Jan 2014

Okay for families (there is a substantial lack of public green space, or green space in general). Great for singles and couples. - Apr 2012

Other diplomats with families reported that there is lots to do and the Lebanese are family-friendly. As for American diplomats, singles and couples, the city is an oyster, but it's closed to diplomatic Americans because of our self-imposed security rules. - Sep 2010

Everyone I know in Beirut is having a great time. As for embassy employees, I would say it is best for couples without children or for single men. There's a complete couple-oriented social scene, and men seem to have excellent luck finding Lebanese women to date, although living on a compound puts in kink in the dating process. American women seem to have a tougher time competing against their Lebanese competition, who have normally had plastic surgery and spend significant resources on looking good. - Jul 2010

Embassy living is good for couples who like to stay in and singles who do not like social interaction. Embassy personnel have curfiews they must adhere to. Visitors must fill in forms and go through elaborate security screenings before they can enter the compound. - Jun 2009

It's a good city for single men. Lots of American men find Lebanese wives here. Couples can find lots to do, as long as it can be done in the budgeted move request time frame. - Jun 2008

It's a good city for singles and couples without kids. Although the Lebanese love kids, there is not a lot for them to do here. There are not many green spaces for children to play nor are the sidewalks very good for the Sunday afternoon strolls. We are lucky enough to live near one of the only parks in the city, although, the playground equipment is not the safest, there are a lot of cats and the park is mostly covered with sand. In the summer when it is too hot to go outside, the only places to play are overcrowded indoor playareas. But on the bright side, the private beaches are wonderful and if you can get out of the city, the mountains and archeological sites are beautiful and quite interesting. - Mar 2008

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