Helsinki - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Gyms exist but classes are at weird times because Finns have such flexible work hours. They have almost everything, just not the variety of the States. Public pools are also pretty nice. - Dec 2022

Gyms and sports facilities are widely available, but outdoor exercise is the norm during every season. The U.S. Embassy has a small gym that employees can use for free. Hiking, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, curling, tennis, sailing, kayaking, downhill skilling and running are some of the most popular sports. In the winter, many public parks and areas are turned into ice skating rinks that that the public can use for free. Participation in sports, especially winter sports like ice hockey and skiing, is less expensive than in the U.S. - Oct 2021

There are plenty of gyms in Helsinki, including 24-hour gyms, women-only gyms, cross-fit gyms, etc. Prices are slightly more expensive than the U.S. - Oct 2018

Yes. Very plentiful, but most Finns prefer exercising outdoors. There are also many pools and swimclubs. Saunas are in every home and apartment. Saunas are a big part in Finnish lives. - Jul 2012

They have several gyms that are good and clean. The average price is 75-100 Euro a month. They also have a lot of swimming halls. - Jan 2011

There are quite a few to choose from. - May 2010

Yes. Finns are really interested in sports and exercise especially anything outdoors. - Apr 2009

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