Helsinki - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Small-ish? Covid times meant we didn't socialize a ton so not sure about morale. - Dec 2022

The expat community is medium-sized, largely from Europe. There's also a decent-sized American expat community of private sector workers, students and scholars, and Americans married to Finns who have settled permanently in Finland. Morale is good, though since Finland is such a comfortable and easy place to live, most expats integrate into life fine, and there's not a strong sense of community in expat circles. - Oct 2021

The expatriates number in the tens of thousands, and form a vibrant and diverse community. However, at the same time, since Finland is such an easy place to live, there are not really any closely-knit sub-groups. For most Westerners, life in Helsinki is scarcely different from life back home, with no pressing need to seek out one's own countrymen for support. - Oct 2018

Very small expat community and many congregate at the U.S. embassy and many of the bars/clubs in Helsinki. - Jul 2012

The Expat community is large. Lots of Nokia employees. - Jan 2011

Not sure, but I would guess several thousand. - May 2010

It's a fairly decent size. - Apr 2009

Medium size. But Finland is a small country. - Mar 2008

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