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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Too expensive for us. I think one day's worth of housekeeping service will cost in the ballpark of 200 euro. We had a hard time finding babysitters but it was also Covid times and the going rate was maybe 15-20 euro/hour for someone very mediocre. - Dec 2022

Finns are a very self-sufficient people, and even the wealthy tend to take pride in cleaning their own homes. Household help is not very common, though some embassy families have found part-time cleaners through services or word of mouth. Cleaning services advertise rates from 150 Euro for a half day of cleaning. Nannies for young child can be hard to find, as this is not an option that locals need or use due to general parental leave that results in a parent usually staying home for the first two years of a child's life and then using government-provided childcare after that. - Oct 2021

Household help is rare and expensive. Finland is an egalitarian country and even wealthy people seem to take pride in cleaning their own homes. - Oct 2018

Available, but extremely expensive. - Jul 2012

Most people do not hire domestic help. A housekeeper is around 15 Euro an hour, and a babysitter is around 10-14 Euro an hour. - Jan 2011

Very few people have hired help. The ones I know of charge about 20 euros an hour. - May 2010

Expensive. - Apr 2009

Domestic help is almost unheard of here unless you are very rich or famous. - Mar 2008

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