Helsinki - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes, extremely. Even for children, starting in 1st grade kids get bus passes and can take public trasport by themselves to and from school. Taxis are expensive, as you'd imagine. Maybe 60 euro to get to the airport. - Dec 2022

Helsinki has a wonderful public transportation system of metros, buses and cable cars that are clean, reliable and run very frequently. Cost varies by distance but starts at 2.80 Euro. Monthly and annual passes are available. Finland also has a widespread rail network, including overnight trains and car carriers. Many use these to travel up to Lapland. There are also a number of private ferries which travel to Tallinn, Stockholm, etc. - Oct 2021

Finnish public transportation is safe and effective. Helsinki is served by a comprehensive network of buses, trams, subway, and light rail. Taxis are expensive but of high quality. - Oct 2018

Yes. Very safe and affordable. However, a 20 minute taxi ride will cost you 50 Euro. - Jul 2012

Yes, all local transportation is safe, but very expensive. 3 Euro for single train ride. A taxi ride from the downtown to airport is 35 Euro. It costs 100 Euro a month for a public transportation pass. - Jan 2011

Public transportation is excellent, safe and fairly affordable. We have managed to get around fine without owning a car. Taxis are a bit pricey - May 2010

Yes and yes. Trains, buses and taxis are safe and clean. Taxis are great here, but you can't wave one down. You have to call for a taxi. - Apr 2009

Yes. Finland has one of the most efficient, reliable and cheap public transportation systems in the world. - Mar 2008

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