Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

It would be difficult to communicate about food allergies. I hope you’re not allergic to sesame. - Aug 2023

There seem to be a lot of seasonal allergies, I've heard complaints, but don't know to what.n - Jul 2023

Nuts (walnuts, almonds, pine nuts) are in most food- so you would need to be vigilant about that if it is an issue. - Jul 2022

Jordan is mostly desert so I suppose air allergens are virtually non-existent. The food is perfect and sanitary in every corner of the country. I never had a single problem either in the city or the countryside. - Oct 2021

Yes, there are weird allergy seasons, including the fall when olives are harvested. Bring some Claratin. - Apr 2021

Be prepared, be vigilant, bring meds, know your hospital emergency rooms, learn the words for things you are allergic to. Sesame can be an issue as Tahini is in lots of things and used in dressings. Cozmo supermarket has lots of products that cater to people with special dietary needs due to allergies. - Jan 2021

There are plenty of adults and children here with anaphylactic allergies and have just lived carefully. - Dec 2020

I had a infant in neonate formula and I had to have a local pharmacy order it for me. It was difficult to get at times. - Sep 2018

Spring might bring some pollen-related allergies. I can't think of any food allergy-related problems. - Sep 2018

A lot of nuts in the cuisine here so you have to be proactive to avoid them. I know several vegans who have done fine here. - Mar 2017

You may develop allergies due to olive trees. - Mar 2016

Bring lots of allergy pills! Shockingly, in the spring it's pretty green here--things bloom and you suffer. - Mar 2016

I had allergies when I first got here in April from the olive trees. Gluten and Dairy free eaters can find a lot to eat. Especially if they like Swarma, various rices, hummus, etc. Just can't eat the flat bread. - Nov 2015

My husband suffers from seasonal allergies back home but hasn't had any problems here, presumably because there's a lot less pollen. I imagine asthma would be bad here because of the dust. - Mar 2015


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