What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

I had a infant in neonate formula and I had to have a local pharmacy order it for me. It was difficult to get at times. - Sep 2018

Spring might bring some pollen-related allergies. I can't think of any food allergy-related problems. - Sep 2018

A lot of nuts in the cuisine here so you have to be proactive to avoid them. I know several vegans who have done fine here. - Mar 2017

You may develop allergies due to olive trees. - Mar 2016

Bring lots of allergy pills! Shockingly, in the spring it's pretty green here--things bloom and you suffer. - Mar 2016

I had allergies when I first got here in April from the olive trees. Gluten and Dairy free eaters can find a lot to eat. Especially if they like Swarma, various rices, hummus, etc. Just can't eat the flat bread. - Nov 2015

My husband suffers from seasonal allergies back home but hasn't had any problems here, presumably because there's a lot less pollen. I imagine asthma would be bad here because of the dust. - Mar 2015

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