Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Refugee assistance, spay and neuter for stray cats - Aug 2023

Some, but they seem a bit more make-work than useful - Jul 2023

Lots of EFMs volunteer helping refugees. - Jul 2022

I'm not sure about volunteer opportunities, but I imagine there must be some. - Oct 2021

Not as many as you might think. Arabic helps. I teach English through a local center for Refugees. - Jan 2021

Plenty if you seek it. - Dec 2020

Volunteering options are varied and difficult to find unless you can dedicate full days during the work week. - Sep 2020

Probably many, though I don’t know specifics. - Sep 2018

Plenty of opportunities to help with refugees. - Sep 2018

There are a ton of groups working with refugees and disadvantaged populations. The groups would prefer donations rather than labor but you can find places to use your talents. - Mar 2017

There are lots of volunteer opportunities with local organizations supporting the refugees, and if you want to get involved, you can! - Jul 2016

Not sure. - Mar 2016

There are different charities and I just found out that the Home of Love is a charity for abandoned handicap children. - Nov 2015

If you're with the Embassy, the refugee camps are not an option without RSO approval. Seriously, don't go unless you have permission to go from the right people. Otherwise, there are events and opportunities open to serve orphans and get involved in various charities. - Jul 2014

Several, depending on what you're interested in. There are organizations focused on the refugee population, migrant workers, Jordanian poverty, etc. Embassies and international groups and churches are great ways to find out about places to volunteer if you have an interest. - Mar 2014

Lots. - Dec 2013

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