Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

I think so, most people can find good ones. The U.S. embassy runs a summer camp for employees' kids, which is great. - Aug 2023

Yes, there seems to be several options but I don't have kids that age, so am not familiar with them. - Jul 2022

Yes, and it is affordable. - Oct 2021

Many people have nannies. - Feb 2021

Lots of preschools, including some more montesorri or play based. - Dec 2020

Yes, many preschools available. - Sep 2020

Preschools are available. Most people used a nanny instead of daycare. I didn’t see any preschools that offered an option other than daily attendance and the days were longer than most US preschools to start. - Sep 2018

Yes and yes. I don't think that they are too expensive. If you want elementary school-aged children and middle-school aged children to have two (back to back) after-school activities, I would go with ICS. They are more accommodating for a longer day if you need that because of a parent's work schedule. - Sep 2018

Tons of pre-schools, especially popular is Eco-Kids. - Mar 2017

There are tons of great preschools. I hear wonderful things about them all. The CLO has a complete list. - Mar 2016

Yes--people seem happy with the options/schools/prices. - Mar 2016

Yes there are a lot and they are affordable. - Nov 2015

There seems to be a preschool around every corner. Nannies are also hired by families. Our kids are not preschool age, so I don't know that much about then other than the ones people find and use seem to be well-regarded. There is a thriving preschool playgroup (Embassy and non-Embassy families) for easy contacts and info sharing. - Jul 2014

Yes. Both Hill House and Eco Kids offer programs for 2-year olds until Kindergarden and the enrollment is around US$4-5,000 per year. The programs typically run from 8am-1pm. There are many other daycares all over, though I don't have any experience with them. - Mar 2014

I mentioned Hill House preschool (above). Others use The Little Academy and Ecokids, and some also use ACS (which more expensive). Costs range in the neighborhood of US$6-8,000/school year for part-time. - Dec 2013

A variety have cropped up with varying quality and standards. Overall a good selection. - Jul 2013

Yes, a number of preschools. Many people are happy with their choice at Little Academy or Hill House, but personally I would only send my kids to preschool at ACS or Ecokids as these are up to American-level preschool standards. - May 2013

Little Academy or Hill House. Everyone also has nanny. - Mar 2013

There are a few pre-schools, but they are expensive. - Apr 2012

Plenty of options it seems. - Mar 2012

Preschool is widely available from age 2.5 up, in English, English-Arabic, French, or English-Arabic-French. I don't know of many daycares, but nannies are widely available and fairly inexpensive. - Mar 2012

Most say they are okay but expensive. - Aug 2011

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