Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Moderate, lots of dust. - Aug 2023

Not as much trash-burning as Afghanistan, but it happens. Lots of seasonal allergies (olive trees, pollen), mold, cigarette smoke, and perfume. - Aug 2023

It's very hot at times. - Jul 2023

Air quality is very good, sometimes in the summer we had dust storms, they do not last long thankfully. - Mar 2023

pollution doesn't seem to be an issue but the dust and sand can be bad at times. - Jul 2022

Amman is high and dry. It does get very dusty from sand storms, but other than that it is fine. - Oct 2021

The embassy has an Air Quality Monitor that reports on the EPA's website. Quality is surprisingly decent, though there are hazy and dusty days from time to time. - Apr 2021

Dry and dusty, with some bad air quality. Lots of car pollution. - Feb 2021

Lots of people end up getting seasonal allergies even if they didn't come with them. I don't think the air is bad here, but then I have lived in China and Egypt... - Jan 2021

Bad. It's a city. But its not like you have to wear a mask out or stay indoors. - Dec 2020

Dusty during the summer but otherwise fine. - Sep 2020

Many people suffered with allergies; dust, mold, olive pollen, and pollution are all problems. - Sep 2018

Good air quality. Great weather, really. Even in the summer if it is hot, the evenings are cool, and we enjoy sitting outside on the patio. There might be some seasonal allergies, but they aren't long-lived. - Sep 2018

It can get dusty at times but strong breezes and relatively high elevation keep the air pretty good most of the time. - Mar 2017

We served in Beijing for four years, and we find that the air everywhere else in comparison is clean. Stay inside during the rare sandstorms. - Jul 2016

Not great at times , surprisingly. There is a large concrete factory nearby and you will see clouds of dust and funk rolling in. The olive trees, while cool, make for terrible allergies. I know of many people who had to go on allergy meds upon arrival. The apartment buildings are made of concrete and absorb moisture like a sponge which leads to mold in homes. My kids developed persistent coughs here that seem to disappear when we go away. - Mar 2016

Seasonal allergies can be bad, as can the sand storms. - Mar 2016

Clear with a few random dust storms that fill the air with sand. - Nov 2015

Dusty, but rarely foggy or smoggy. - May 2015

Pollution from vehicles is pretty bad, and it's extremely dry and dusty. - Mar 2015

Depends on the time of year. We have a few heavy dust seasons but for the most part expect moderate dust on and in everything. - Jul 2014

There is a lot of dust in the air and several people we know have developed allergies to either olive tree pollen or dust. The air can definitely feel heavy and dirty even though there is enough wind that blows through. The really bad days usually don't last too long. With the ever booming refugee populations in Jordan as well as the very high cost of living in Amman, there are also more people burning trash during the cold months so that has contributed to poor air quality on particularly cold days. - Mar 2014

It's fine. Occasionally it gets a little dusty. - Dec 2013

Very good, except for the occasional sandstorm. - Aug 2013

Good to great air quality. - Jul 2013

Good off the main roads; unhealthy on the main roads. - May 2013

Moderate. Running outside isn't a good idea, not just because of the dust, but because you will probably get hit by a car or chased by a rabid dog. - Mar 2013

In Amman, the air quality is usually pretty good all summer long. We do have dust storms in the spring which can make life for people with asthma uncomfortable. Many of us also suffer from allergies in the spring. But a trip to your local pharmacist should help. - Apr 2012

Air quality is generally moderate...some days are pleasant, some days are marred by burning trash and insane exhaust from vehicles that ought not be running. - Mar 2012

Moderate. There are dust storms in the spring and fall, and some locals burn coal in the winter. - Mar 2012

Good. - Oct 2011

Pretty good and none of us have had any problems. I don't know of any one who has problems because of pollution. - Aug 2011

Good, although the dust storms can be a little rough maybe twice a year. - Aug 2011


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