Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Meh. Wadi Rum was amazing. Hike the wadis. - Aug 2023

North Jordan in the spring is green and beautiful, Aqaba is a nice oasis, and the Roman ruins are spectacular. Wadi Rum is a welcome respite from the city noises. The Amman airport is easy to navigate and has direct flights to many great spots (Cyprus!). - Aug 2023

Lots of good internal travel. - Jul 2023

So many wonderful places to visit, so many historical sites. Dead Sea. Red Sea. The desert. I've been here for over 2 years and haven't been everywhere yet. - Mar 2023

The food here is delicious. Petra and Wadi Rum are terrific. We love going to the Dead Sea hotels and they are only 45 minutes away so it is fun for the day or the weekend. The water hike at Wadi Mujib shouldn't be missed. Especially during the covid lockdowns, we did a lot of hiking. - Jul 2022

Where do I begin. It is the most incredible country I have ever visited. I'll start and end with Wadi Rum. Just google image it. There are too many adventures and memories to list here, and all of them good. You just have to visit to understand. - Oct 2021

Beautiful weather, good food, wonderful seasonal fruit: figs, pomegranate, and dates. - Feb 2021

Dana, Ajloun, Azrak, diving at Aqaba, Dead Sea, lots of incredible history and ruins dating back thousands of years. When the borders are open, Jordan has flight connections to Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean that used to be inexpensive. - Jan 2021

There are so many fabulous things to do in country: - Petra, a world wonder (3 hrs) - The Dead Sea (stay at a beautiful hotel, swim, and enjoy a world icon) (1 hr) - Wadi Rum Dessert, incredibly glamping at its finest. Desert tours, camel rides, Bubble tents... my favorite! (3 hrs) - Telaviv, Israel is a 4 hour drive - Rainbow Street Shopping (30 min) During non-COVID times, Ryan Air has cheap flights to all of Europe. Too bad we missed this. There are great travel opportunities. - Dec 2020

Hiking various wadis, wadi mujib, Petra, dead sea and seeing so many ruins. - Sep 2020

My kids enjoyed going for weekends at the resorts at the Dead Sea and Aqaba. - Sep 2018

Desert camping, Petra, Dead Sea, easy access to Israel, easy flights to Europe. - Sep 2018

Great in country travel opportunities: Petra, Jerash, Um Qais, Dead Sea, desert castles, Aqaba and Wadi Rum. - Mar 2017

The history is unique and special. It is an easy country to travel in, and there are lots of things to see. - Jul 2016

Being able to visit Petra, float in the Dead Sea, see amazing ruins. Petra exceeds all expectations. It's just amazing. Bobbing in the a Dead Sea is a once in a lifetime experience. Jerash is definitely worth repeat visits. It's so well preserved it is as if it has been dipped in amber. Egypt is a quick flight away and not at all expensive. Visits to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are popular. Desert camping or "glamping" at a tented camp in Wadi Rum. Obviously travel is the highlight of Jordan. - Mar 2016

Petra, Dead Sea, Madaba, the weather--just getting out and about! - Mar 2016

We flew to Egypt Sharm Al Shek and it was awesome plus cheap. Israel, local trips all around Jordan. I would like to fly to Turkey and Dubai. - Nov 2015

Arab food is fantastic! You will be ruined on hummus. The people are very friendly and genuine. Petra is amazing and should be on everyone's Bucket List. Also, living right next to Israel (but not in Israel) is great. We have made the border crossing 7x in 2 years. - May 2015

Visiting Petra, driving across the border to Israel, and competing in the Dead 2 Red relay run. - Mar 2015

We have visited Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerusalem. There is a lot of culture in the area though not always well maintained. The Jordanians are not great at marketing what they have but there are some real gems in the country once you become settled here. - Mar 2014

Jordanians are very kind and welcoming. Tourist sites within Jordan and Israel are within driving distance. Jordan is a kingdom that places an emphasis on peace in the region and modernization. We haven't seen too many of the tourist sites yet, but we did enjoy the Royal Automobile Museum. Families with kids like the children's museum. - Dec 2013

Getting to Petra and Wadi Rum. - Aug 2013

Jordanians are very kind to families, especially those with small children. - Jul 2013

Visiting Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba. We also love the abundance of sheep and goats, many of which pass by our front door. - May 2013

Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead Sea, Um Quais, camping. - Mar 2013

As previously mentioned, Aqaba and Wadi Rum have been two highlights for us. We have made several trips into Israel and have never been disappointed. We have toured many of the religious sights, and have made many friends here. - Apr 2012

Despite my complaints, I have had some awesome experiences here. Most of them revolve around getting out of Amman and into the hinterlands with my dogs. Camping/hiking in Wadi Rum is fantastic, it's hard to describe just how wonderful it is. The dead sea is fantastic and so close to the city, it's a wonderful place to spend a day or a weekend. HIking options are good there as can literally pull off the side of the road and start hiking up a wadi and go for hours. Petra is cool, Jerash is amazing, Jerusalem is an easy drive. - Mar 2012

Petra, Wadi Rum, and Jerusalem. - Mar 2012

Petra (must see), Dead Sea, Ajloun Castle. - Oct 2011

Traveling all over the country. - Aug 2011

Visiting Petra and living in a strong American community. - Aug 2011

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