Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Colorado, USA. It's LONG. 30 hours, three flights. - Aug 2023

USA. New direct United route to Dulles will soon be the contract carrier, meaning you won’t need to unnecessarily connect via NY or Chicago anymore. - Aug 2023

9 hours to Chicago and then to DC. - Jul 2023

There is a non-stop flight on Royal Jordanian (code share with American Airlines, the contract carrier) to Chicago, ~12 hours. There is also a non-stop flight to DC on United, but since it's not the contract carrier, it's very seldom allowed. - Mar 2023

We are coming from the DC area. Due to the "fly America" requirements, we usually have to connect through Chicago or New York, but there is a new direct flight from DC on United that (oddly) we usually aren't allowed to take even though it is the US carrier. It is a much nicer experience than the American/Royal Jordanian route. It isn't difficult to get here but if you have to do the connections, it is usually 24 hours door-to-door. - Jul 2022

Arlington, VA. It generally took fewer than 24 hours, and there was usually only one connection. Travel in and out of Amman is very easy and the prices are reasonable (even cheap if traveling to nearby countries). - Oct 2021

You can get to Chicago or New York on a 12+ hour direct flight several days a week on Royal Jordanian, which is an OK airline. You can take connecting flights through Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, or Jeddah too. Before the pandemic there were several options through Europe (Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Rome), but the downside is that these airlines mostly used the tiny, short-haul planes for a 4-6 hour flight and they left Amman in the middle of the night to make connecting morning flights. Ryan Air and a few other discount airlines provide deeply discounted fares on daytime flights to Europe/Turkey, and they are slowly returning as COVID drags on. - Apr 2021

East Coast. About 15 hours door to door. - Feb 2021

DC - flights are changing all the time. Currently the direct flight on RJ from Chicago to Amman is the one the Embassy is using. - Jan 2021

Northern Virginia. About 19 hours? Dulles, to London, to Amman. Travel isn't too bad. There are $600 flights from Chicago for family to visit. - Dec 2020

Oregon. Connect through NYC or Chicago from Amman. - Sep 2020

US/DC. It is about 24 hour trip, all said and done. There are direct flights from NYC and Chicago. - Sep 2018

East Coast, USA. There is a direct flight from NYC to Amman, but we like to break it up with a stop in France, Germany, or England. You can make the trip in fewer than 24 hours door to door. - Sep 2018

Washington DC area, USA. Many flight options through Frankfurt or London or Paris. - Mar 2017

We are from the West Coast in the U.S., and the trip is a long one. There is a Seattle-Frankfurt flight and then Frankfurt-Amman. In total the flight time is a grueling 20+ hours. - Jul 2016

Washington D.C. transiting London, Frankfurt, or Vienna. - Mar 2016

Washington, D.C.--fly through London or Frankfurt, or take a non-stop to JFK and connect there. - Mar 2016

California, we flew from D.C. to London and then onto Jordan. I know there is a direct flight from Jordan to Chicago. - Nov 2015

Salt Lake City. It takes 24-29 hours to get home, depending on layovers. We usually fly Amman>Paris>Salt Lake. We have also flown through Frankfurt and Vienna with a layover on the east coast of the U.S. - May 2015

Ottawa - a 10 hour direct flight to Montreal, or about 18 hours to connect through Frankfurt or London. - Mar 2015

We don't have a home base (no home ownership) but typically end up in Virginia. Flights from Amman can go either direct to Chicago or NY or typically transit Vienna, Frankfurt, or London to go to DC. - Jul 2014

We travel to the West coast mostly, and with connections the travel time is about 18-20 hours. From Washington DC it is closer to 14 hours. - Mar 2014

An easy way to get here is to fly direct from Chicago. People also transit via Vienna. - Dec 2013

Washington DC, about 18 hours with a layover in Frankfurt. - Aug 2013

DC requires a stopover, usually in Europe. - Jul 2013

Washington DC - 18-20 hours because of bad connections. - May 2013

DC. It is about a 16-hour trip, connecting through London or Frankfurt. - Mar 2013

Maryland, United States. It is a 14 hour flight if you fly direct (Amman to NY).If you pass through Europe, then you would have to include time for layovers. - Apr 2012

Homebase is Washington, DC.Several flights to choose from to get to Amman. Direct flights from JFK or Chicago; connections from DC through London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris. Having flown all of them, my preference is United to London then BMI from London to Amman. - Mar 2012

The East coast. There are direct flights from Amman to New York (12.5 hours) and Chicago (13.5 hours). - Mar 2012

DC, 15 hours via NY. - Oct 2011

Based in DC.There are direct flights to Amman from New York and Chicago. Other cities require a European layover like London, Paris, or Frankfurt. I don't recommend the Paris layover as bags tend to get lost due to the short layover before departing to Amman. - Aug 2011

Sterling, VA 14 hours direct flight. - Aug 2011

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