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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, it's quick and easy. We have Zain and they have good customer service. - Aug 2023

Yes. - Jul 2023

Yes, all sorts of options. Price is reasonable. My internet was installed on my arrival. - Mar 2023

High-speed home internet access is available, very good and pretty affordable. If you are coming with the embassy, your sponsor will set it up so you will have it when you arrive. - Jul 2022

It is available and easily installed. - Oct 2021

We use fibre at home and it's faster and cheaper than what I had in the U.S. ($70 a month for 160 MBPS). I think you can get it set up in a week, but if you have a good sponsor they may do you a solid and set it up before you arrive. - Apr 2021

Yes, good internet. - Feb 2021

We usually get this installed for you before you arrive these days under quarantine, and pre-buy your SIM cards. You will want to give at least two weeks notice. There is a nice man who comes to the embassy from ZEIN who has never let me down. Cell phone SIM cards, home connections, paying bills and queries - he solves all problems but only come one or two days a week. - Jan 2021

Internet available and not difficult to set up. Sponsors and embassy is very helpful. - Dec 2020

Highly reliable. Main companies are Zain and Orange - Sep 2020

Yes, we had fiber through Zain. Our sponsors were able to have it installed prior to our arrival. - Sep 2018

Yes. Just a couple of days. - Sep 2018

Yes, DSL and fiber is available at reasonable cost. Installation is pretty quick. - Mar 2017

We had high-speed internet installed before our arrival. Our social sponsor had it hooked up and ready to go when we arrived. - Jul 2016

Yes. We pay about US$60 a month. - Mar 2016

Yes, at about 60JD/month. - Mar 2016

Yes, and it is pretty good. Cost about $60/month. - Nov 2015

Internet is available with embassy plans through Zain and Orange. It can be spotty and slow and the Jordan caps the Internet. Zain is putting in fiber throughout most of West Amman. This should make Internet better. - May 2015

Yes, for about 50JOD a month. For some reason I can stream hi-def Netflix no problem but web pages often don't load. - Mar 2015

Yes. It's quality depends on where you live and the kind of service you have. With all the hills, valleys, and concrete walls though, typically bandwidth is far far below what is promised. And for what you get, the cost is high. - Jul 2014

Yes, though "high-speed" is a relative term. It's around 16 JD per month. - Mar 2014

High speed internet is about US$700 for the year, and we had to pay up front. It is fast enough to stream videos from the U.S. When combined with a VPN, you can use Apple TV and Netflix. - Dec 2013

Internet is available but not great quality. It can range from US$30-70/month. - Aug 2013

Yes, about US$40-60 per month. Good but not great quality connection. Downloads are capped each month but most people do OK with reasonable amounts of online streaming. - Jul 2013

It is, but it's terrible. No one is happy with their service. If you have a business that thrives and requires high-speed Internet, then you will be very unhappy. Price is about $35 - $50 per month, but that is for a set number of GB. - May 2013

Yes. I think its about $400 a year or so. - Mar 2013

We just switched internet providers and are really happy. There are many internet providers, but not all are created equal. Ask around before settling with a provider. The cost per year is comparable to the States. - Apr 2012

HIGH There is WIMAX available throughout the city and ADSL. None of if it is HIGH speed, all of it is expensive. Orange ADSL is kind of a hassle to set up, but we seem to have better/more reliable service than most of the WIMAX folks...i recommend getting orange ADSL over the other options. - Mar 2012

It is available, and costs about $400-600 a year depending on your speed. - Mar 2012

Yes, not as good as in the US but not bad at all. - Aug 2011

Yes, we paid up front for a year, and it was about $500 for installation and services for the year. - Aug 2011

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