Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Doubt it. Not exactly tolerant. - Aug 2023

No, the culture is very homophobic. - Aug 2023

Highly doubtful. It is illegal to be gay. - Jul 2023

I think so. - Mar 2023

While Jordan itself is not an ideal location for for LGBT citizens, the embassy is very supportive and there are several same-sex couples at post. You can get credentialed here. - Jul 2022

It is not the best city for openly LGBT expats. Non-heterosexual relationships are mostly shunned and discriminated against. There is an underground LGBT scene in the southern city of Aqaba, about a 4-hour drive south of Amman. Regardless, the LGBT community stays mostly hidden throughout the country. But the country continues to liberalize, and I am optimistic that this will change in the future. I knew several LGBT expat couples and they loved living there, and one couple recently extended for a fifth year. - Oct 2021

I would imagine it isn't, though we had friends who felt it was quite good for LGBT expats. - Feb 2021

It is a conservative Muslim majority country. - Jan 2021

Likely not, but I know some couples who seemed to be doing fine. - Sep 2018

I'm not sure that I would say that it is a good city to be very welcomed in, but we do know LGBT couples. It's a majority Muslim country, and Islam frowns upon homosexuality. - Sep 2018

Probably not. The culture here is very hostile to LGBT. There have been several same sex couples that have been fine but they were not living particularly openly. - Mar 2017

No. - Jul 2016

Nope. - Mar 2016

No--it's illegal here. - Mar 2016

No, it is highly anti-gay/lesbian. The government prohibited gatherings and specifically included that the U.S. isn't to participate either. - Nov 2015

In theory you could get away with more PDAs than a mixed-sex couple, but I couldn't imagine having to keep such an important part of my life "under cover." Homosexuality is technically legal in Jordan but heavily frowned upon. - Mar 2015

Um. It's a relatively moderate (compared to the neighbors) Islamic country, but no, not really. - Jul 2014

It's probably not a bad city as Arab/Muslim countries go, but in general the Middle East isn't really a warmly welcoming place for gays and lesbians. - Mar 2014

I doubt it; it's a Muslim society, albeit somewhat moderate. - Dec 2013

No. Same-sex relationships are illegal so it is mostly underground. - Aug 2013

Don't know. - Jul 2013

Absolutely not. There are some gay hangouts, but people cannot be openly gay here. - May 2013

Probably not - Mar 2013

Jordan is a Muslim country, so if you are gay, you won't be able to be openly gay outside of the Embassy. - Apr 2012

This is not an incredibly progressive place, but there are actually some options for a gay expat. - Mar 2012

Probably not. The country is 90% Muslim, and although Jordanians are relatively progressive they would be unlikely to embrace open homosexuality. - Mar 2012

I would not recommend it. Our last Post had a vibrant LGBT community. In Amman, I do not know a single gay person. - Oct 2011

Beirut might be better but from what I hear it's not that bad here for the G/L community. - Aug 2011

I wouldn't think so. There is a small underground culture of gay men in Amman that I had heard about, but it's not really a culture that tolerates gays/lesbians. - Aug 2011

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