Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No way. I was very optimistic, learned Arabic, really embraced this tour but 1.5 years in, I can't wait to leave. - Aug 2023

No - Aug 2023

maybe - Jul 2023

yes - Jul 2022

Absolutely. In fact, I plan to do another tour hopefully later in my career. - Oct 2021

Not for three years. Two was long enough. - Feb 2021

Yes. - Jan 2021

Yes. I've enjoyed this as a first post with two kids. - Dec 2020

Hmm... I'm glad I experienced it but I look forward to leaving. - Sep 2020

No. You always hear that people love this post, but it was not my experience. Our family had an exceptionally hard chain of events here and curtailed after two years. - Sep 2018

Absolutely! Although, I wouldn't live here long-term. - Sep 2018

Yes. This has been a great four years. - Mar 2017

- Jul 2016

Yes but I'm glad we didn't extend. The good outweighs the bad here. The food is amazing. The travel opportunities are once in a lifetime. The weather is great. The Jordanian people are really wonderful and welcoming. - Mar 2016

Yes--it's been great, but 2 years is enough. - Mar 2016

Yes, definetly. My children have told me that they are happy here. They like living in Amman and we have learned so much about this region of the world. My family kept saying, "are you going to be safe." Yes, we are safe. - Nov 2015

Absolutely! Amman has been a fabulous place to live. - May 2015

To visit, definitely. to live, no way. - Mar 2015

Ab. So. Lutely. - Jul 2014

Yes, we've enjoyed Jordan and it actually became more fun the second year we were here. - Mar 2014

I haven't decided yet; I'm still adjusting. - Dec 2013

Yes. - Aug 2013

Yes. - Jul 2013

I'm very glad we came, but I wouldn't come back again for a second tour. - May 2013

Yes. As far as the Middle East goes, it doesn't get any better than this. Sure, the gulf is cleaner and it has everything you can buy, but Jordan has the best weather, outdoor activities and culture. You will probably find that two years will be enough, but if you are here longer it is still a good place to be. - Mar 2013

Yes - Apr 2012

Hate to say it, but probably not. - Mar 2012

In a heartbeat. - Mar 2012

If I could, I'd retire here. - Aug 2011

Yes. We have discussed doing another tour there. - Aug 2011

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